Starlight Window


Another view of Poco’s in Portsmouth.  I’m obsessed with storefronts and old buildings especially with nice old brick with patina. Portsmouth has brick everywhere.  I added the folding chair.  Maybe a bouncer sits there, or me waiting to get a table!

acrylic on 8×10 panel            $150(unframed)




This is a painting I always wanted to do after laying eyes on the storefront on Market Street in Portsmouth, NH. Eye candy. Beautiful Le Creuset enameled cast ironware in the window.  I LOVE IT.  This painting has a full grisaille under painting. Crazy detail. (Shown unframed)

SOLD (original), prints and greeting cards available

9″x12″ canvas  oil on canvas

Birch Tree at River’s Edge

Birch Trees at Rivers Edge

Birch Tree at Rivers Edge

Birch Tree at the River's Edge

Birch Tree at River”s Edge is a watercolor now framed in the coolest vintage molding that my frame guy had. I love it.  Its hard to get a picture of the painting once it is framed behind glass .  Reflections can get beastly,  but I managed to not get any in this view.  Yeah!!

framed      watercolor     $180