Tied Up

18×24   Oil/ gallery wrapped canvas             Available



Left Behind

Recent painting done for a barn theme show at Seacoast Artist Association. This was painted from reference photos I took from my car driving on the NYS thruway. Sadly there are lots of run down and abandoned farms. This one with rusted metal roof. This one is ….

“Left Behind ”
Oil on gallery wrapped canvas



Maraschino Madness

This is a third painting in my cocktail condiment series!  Cheery cherries!  Makes me want a cocktail.  Like the  olives and  citrus slices , this was done in acrylic on board  24″x36″.

All three are now available as a blank note card.  $3.00 each.  Contact me if interested in cards or this available painting.



This was the inspiration!  Juicy, deliciousness!!






Starlight Window


Another view of Poco’s in Portsmouth.  I’m obsessed with storefronts and old buildings especially with nice old brick with patina. Portsmouth has brick everywhere.  I added the folding chair.  Maybe a bouncer sits there, or me waiting to get a table!

acrylic on 8×10 panel            $150(unframed)